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Monday, December 12, 2011

Sidra’s Sex Story at Pakistani sex Stories Blog

Sidra’s sex story at Pakistani sex stories blog reveals the hidden realities of hot Pakistani women. This Pakistani sex story brings out the difficulties faced by a Pakistani woman to get a job after her Father’s death. She struggled to find a job everywhere but failed after months of trying hard. Her hard realities of life bring us the myths of sex Endowment selling in Pakistan. She was an innocent girl who turned into a hot Pakistani call girl within a few months. This Pakistani sex story was shared by her via email. Names and places are changed as per blog policy but all incidents of the sex story are real life happenings. Hope you would like this Pakistani sex story as you have liked other Pakistani sex stories at our blog. Check to get a job of call girl.

Sidra was 18Y old when her father died in a road accident. Her father was working on a job of sales manager at some local food seller company. He was driving company’s van when he met an accident. This accident took his life, leaving Sidra and her younger brothers striving for food. Her mother was not educated and rests of her relatives were also not very rich. Sidra was elder in her 3 brothers and one sister. She has done her FA qualification. Soon her family was striving for commodities to save their life. Sidra tried to find a job. She searched for job listings and went for an interview to some places.

After trying for a couple of months for almost every job listings, she failed to get a job as her qualification was not enough to get her a suitable job. Another reason which added to her fears was her innocence. She faced men sitting for interviews who nicely searched her figures and her body’s ups and downs with their lustful eyes before starting an interview. She could not resist their lustful eyes which nicely rub her breasts in imagination. One day she went for a job interview of a hotel which needed a female hotel receptionist. When she entered the office, she could see a middle aged man sitting on his revolving chair watching her breasts quite keenly.

She sat on the interview chair and the man started formal questions about her education. Finally after listening her qualification and her family background, the Pakistani middle aged man denied to give her a job of receptionist. She was disheartened once again. The Pakistani lustful man tried her to console a bit by offering another job. He offered her a job, in hidden words where she could cash her figures. He was not willing to give her a job of receptionist as his luxury hotel was for VIP’s. Receptionist needs to be very good and fluent in English but she was just FA. The Pakistan man was keen enough in his verbal speech that Sidra started to think. He tried to convince her by showing family conditions and the upcoming luxuries of money working in the five star luxury hotels. He gave her a visiting card where his contact numbers were written.

Sidra asked him for a time period to think. She came back home and slept in a worry. At night she saw her mother again consoling her younger brothers and sister about commodities and food. Her mind started to build up about the job offered by the middle age Pakistani hotel owner. She decided to accept his job offers and finally called the Pakistani hotel owner. Rest of the incidents of Sidra’s first encounter of sex and becoming high class Elite Pakistani women would be shared in the next part of the story tomorrow. Stay tuned with hot Pakistani women and Pakistani sex stories blog.

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